Can't find localhost at all

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Can't find localhost at all

Postby shuesty » 25. March 2009 16:09

Hey All,

For the past year I've been running xampplite on my computer and working away quite well. Then a couple weeks ago it completely lost it's way to localhost ... all my files are still there ... but it just doesn't get to them. When I type 'localhost' into the address bar it does a google search on the word or sends me to a 'The page you are looking for wasn't found' error page. I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times ... ensured that the apache server is running ... but have gotten no where. Any thoughts?


OS: Vista Home Edition, SP1
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Re: Can't find localhost at all

Postby Izzy » 26. March 2009 03:08

Open C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\Hosts file in your notepad by right clicking on notepad and selecting run as administrator.

Check that you have this entry at the top of the list of uncommented entries. localhost

If not then add the line as the first line in the list.

If you find this entry:
::1 localhost
then comment it out so it looks like this
# ::1 localhost

Save the file and try to access http://localhost again.

If you have many entries in the hosts file and you have not added them then perhaps it is time to look for a virus or a Trojan that may be interfering with the hosts file - if you know how then after editing the file make it read only.
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Re: Can't find localhost at all

Postby Arséne » 31. March 2009 14:25

it did solve at least my problem, localhost loaded correctly. :) thank you.
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Re: Can't find localhost at all

Postby rescofet » 11. April 2009 16:33

Hello Izzy,

I am having the same problem with localhost, I don't have localhost but I do have ::1 localhost, problem is I edit the hosts file with Notepad but Windows don't let me save it, what can I do?


p.s.: I am using Windows Vista Home Premium and XAMPP 1.7.0
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Re: Can't find localhost at all

Postby Sharley » 11. April 2009 23:37

rescofet wrote:Hello Izzy,...I edit the hosts file with Notepad but Windows don't let me save it, what can I do?
Hi, Sharley here, Izzy is in hospital.

Right click on Notepad and select to run as administrator, then open the Hosts file and do your edits and it should now allow you to save the file.
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