Apache and Vista 64?

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Apache and Vista 64?

Postby kamullis » 24. March 2009 13:06


I have been trying to install xampp or apache alone on my tablet, which is running vista 64. everything seems to install fine but i am unable to connect to the localhost through my browseer. I have made sure that nothing else is using port 80 and that my firewall is not blocking apache. i have been at this for some time now. I'm starting to wonder if apache simply cannot be installed on vista 64. does anyone know anything about this? Thanks
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Re: Apache and Vista 64?

Postby Izzy » 24. March 2009 13:13

Yes XAMPP should be fine on Vista 64 - some members have it working.

Did you uninstall the other Apache before installing XAMPP?

Is Apache even running?

Are you logged in as an administrator and is UAC disabled?

Did you install, uninstall then install XAMPP again perhaps?

BTW you posted in the German language forum and that's why it was moved here.
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