Listening 8080 but no access from outside

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Re: Listening 8080 but no access from outside

Postby TomL86 » 24. March 2009 13:16

Am I right that the above statement is a (very ugly and annoying) typo!? You meant instead of Is it right?

yep your right
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Re: Listening 8080 but no access from outside

Postby Nobbie » 24. March 2009 13:37

Ok. We will find it out.

1) Set "Listen 8080" in httpd.conf and start Apache.
2) When you enter (or simply click on that link) from any of your client PCs, you will receive kind of Apache Welcome Page?
3) You cannot reach from any of your client PCs (same PCs as above), what is not surprising, because this address is not within the scope of

For my understandings. I need a short explanation: you must have connected the client pcs ( using a switch, a hub or similar. Am i right? You do not use the draytek router (which usually also contains a switch) to build the LAN for the clients? Is that right?

The Server is connected as well to the draytek router as to the LAN switch (or whatever you use). Is that right?
Are there any PCs connected to the draytek router besides the Server PC?

Next, we have to find out, if Apache is listening on As mentioned above, we cannot use the standard client PCs for evaluating, as these PCs are not in the scope of that IP. Therefore my question above, is there any other PC connected to the draytek? if not, there is no problem. The Server itself is equipped with a keyboard and a monitor (hopefully)? So simply start any browser on the Server PC and enter - that *should* work and show the Apache Welcome screen (and it should work as well as

Before we go any further, please check that out and answer my questions.
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