cannot browse pages at http://localhost

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cannot browse pages at http://localhost

Postby sandyMN » 22. March 2009 18:15

I have just installed Apache and MySQL using the XAMPP installer, and it appears to be working okay, but when I type in http://localhost/ in my browser and try to browse sites that are in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot directory, it just defaults back to http://localhost/xampp/ or else I get a 404 file not found error if I try to type sopmething in manyally like http://localhost/phpinfo.php. I know I'm doing something wrong - I just don't know what it is. I have disabled IIS, so I know that's not interfering. I also have my files and directories stored in C:\inetpub\wwwroot to start testing in PHP. Is that not the correct folder location to store my PHP files?

I've been a ColdFusion programmer for several years but am just starting to test the water with PHP and everything about it is completely foreign to me. I'm sure I will be spending much time on this forum :) Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Re: cannot browse pages at http://localhost

Postby Izzy » 22. March 2009 22:15

To read error messages like 404 go to C:\xampp\apache\logs\error.log file.

http://localhost equates to location C:\xampp\htdocs\ folder which in Apache is the DocumentRoot.

Your files in C:\inetpub\wwwroot will not be available via localhost server because of the restrictions in the Apache configuration, for obvious security reasons.

To access your files via http://localhost they should be placed in a folder in the C:\xampp\htdocs folder - please read the following:
C:\xampp\readme_en.txt file.

Also make sure in your PC that you do not have another php.ini file anywhere other than those in the C:\xampp installation folder - do a search and rename or delete all others. There may be a conflicting php.ini file if you have installed another instance of php in another folder if, as you say you are developing with php and have installed a php development app.
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