Xampp webpages dislpay problem

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Xampp webpages dislpay problem

Postby djjimino » 22. March 2009 16:03

I have a xampp problem,when I write in the browser http://localhost the page opens correct,also when I put my dyndns name,but when somebody else tryies to enter my dyndns name in another computer the page doesn't open.What is going on?
I use xampp version 1.6.4 in windows xp.The correct ports are open for apache and mysql and my isp has released port 80.
This is my website:http://djjimino.dyndns.org.Please help
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Re: Xampp webpages dislpay problem

Postby Izzy » 22. March 2009 22:21

Check then double check your router and firewall settings then check again:

Where are your web site files located?
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