Upgrade to PHP 5.3

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Upgrade to PHP 5.3

Postby javicho21 » 19. March 2009 19:33


I am currently running XAMPP (basic package) version 1.6.7 which has PHP 5.2.6. In order to run a recent upgrade of a software package I need to be on php 5.3. I'm not sure how to do this upgrade. I've googled it and seen people say that you just copy the unzipped version of PHP into the /xampp/php directory but I didn't want to break anything. Can someone please confirm or deny that this is correct? Has anyone reading this post done this sort of thing before?
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Re: Upgrade to PHP 5.3

Postby demiwchen » 16. April 2009 05:31

I've the same problem here.

How could I upgrade php 5.2.6 to php 5.2.9 at xampp version 1.6.7 without upgarding to xampp 1.7.1(beta)?

I've tried many ways, but it still doesn't work..
(1) download php 5.2.9 installer from http://www.php.net/downloads.php and installed in C:\xampp\php
(2) download php 5.2.9 source code from http://www.php.net/downloads.php and copied php file to C:\xampp\php
(3) installed xampp 1.7.1, and copied php file to xampp 1.6.7
then restart apache
But the phpinfo() still shows "php version 5.2.6"

SO could someone please tell me other ways/methods?
Thanks very much!!!
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Re: Upgrade to PHP 5.3

Postby demiwchen » 20. April 2009 08:49

I finally figured out how to successfully upgraded php 5.2.9. :)

(1) download php-5.2.9-2-win32-installer.msi from http://www.php.net/downloads.php
(2) install in C:\xampp\php\, and choose "don't set up a wbe server".
(Then it won't change any setting in php.ini)
(3) run php-swicth.bat(C:\xampp\) php5-->php4
(4) run php-swicth.bat again to switch php4 to php5
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