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XAMP Problem

Postby abhijitp » 18. March 2009 14:17

I have installed XAMP on my machine to host a portal. When I try to access the portal from other machine using IP address, it takes me to the portal home page but the fomatting doesnt appear. When i try to login on the portal, it looks for the login page on the local machine and not on the server.


I typed '//IP/directoryname', the home page opened but without formatting

when i logged on to the portal, the address changed to //localhost/directoryname/useracc.php whereas it should be //ip/directoryname/useracc.php.

I dont have any knowledge of computer networking. Please help.

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Re: XAMP Problem

Postby Wiedmann » 18. March 2009 14:23

That's a wrong configuration of your portal software.
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