Using XAMPP with filezilla

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Using XAMPP with filezilla

Postby morgan01 » 17. March 2009 23:15

I'm new to all his, installed XAMPP which works, uploaded my website onto it but can't get filezilla to work so I can update my website. I can't find any tutorials or pointers to set me in the right direct. How do I go about setting up filezilla so as to update my localhost?
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Re: Using XAMPP with filezilla

Postby Izzy » 17. March 2009 23:25

You don't need FileZilla FTP server or the FileZilla FTP client to upload or update your website in localhost, the folder that you have your web site files located for example C:\xampp\htdocs\website\

You use Windows Explorer to copy and move files just like you do any where on your PC.

You use a file editor for updating your web site file contents.

Does that help explain things for you?
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