cname mxrecords to get email working

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cname mxrecords to get email working

Postby bromhexine » 14. March 2009 12:42

hi i just got my first site from im having trouble figuring out how to implement my email int xampp. can someone please give me information on how to do this? i have registered an email with and forwarded the host to my host running xampp. i have limited knowledge using xampp all i have so far is a test webpage :) thanks in advance for any help!
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Re: cname mxrecords to get email working

Postby ente22 » 23. March 2009 15:17

at first u need to say your domain where your server is as example we have
the internet IP
and we have registered the domain

so at IP a =
at the mx =

so now u need to say your email server (mercury) that he have to listen at
u can find it under
mercury core modul configuration
then local domains
here u need add new domain
local host or server = server
internet name =

now u need to know which want to use this domain ?!

configuration - manage local user
then add your user

now u can receive ur emails if u want send it too with this server
u need to configurate your smtp

configuration - smtp server - connection control
add restricton allow

set authenticated smtp con..... ok
set only authent......... ok
then give a name by
auth password file and edit
add the same user with same password

now ur server can receive and send emails (if ur firewall nothing block !?)

if u want more information pls use google it exsist so much manuals for it ;)
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