Help - Google API and Xampp

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Help - Google API and Xampp

Postby robbiedobbie » 12. March 2009 15:09

Hi Folks,

I'm a newbie to Xampp, etc., so please be easy on me.

I've been trying to create a store finder for my website. I've been following a tutorial posted on the website. Here's the URL -

I'm using Xampp on an Apache server on my Windows pc. The Aciddrop turorial requires me to create a database in MySQL (which I've done) and uses some PHP code (which I've also had a go at). I've managed to get the store finder on my site. However, when I try to carry out a search, it comes up with a message saying 'Unable to connect!'.

First of all, I thought it may have been a problem with the PHP code, so I've been speaking to a guy on a PHP forum. However, he's now asked me to ask an Xampp guru for help. As the store finder uses Google API features, he's asking if this is part of the default Apache server installation. Can anyone shed any light?


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Re: Help - Google API and Xampp

Postby Izzy » 12. March 2009 19:39

Which version of Windows?
Which version of XAMPP?
Both omitted.
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Re: Help - Google API and Xampp

Postby Joshika » 13. March 2009 22:28

We will need your windows version, XAMPP version, and your code in order to offer any help... Although usually it's a simple error with your connection config... Username and pass for your database :P
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