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xampp Performance

Postby yingzhao58 » 10. March 2009 17:46

I am experiencing some performance issue with my xampp environment installed on my laptop.

After a fresh reboot of the machine and xampp_start, my application responds nicely for about 40 minutes. Then, all of a sudden, performance starts to become trashy. Clicking a button takes for ever to open a form, and sometimes the updates are not saved into the database.

My laptop CPU speed is 2.13G, has 2G RAM, and runs WinXP. I have plenty of diskspace (25%) on my laptop. The database I am working on has three tables with the size of 25 MB each.

Would anyone be able to tell me what else need to be looked at to find out the cause of this performance drag?

Many thanks.
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Re: xampp Performance

Postby Izzy » 10. March 2009 18:07

The MySQL performance configurations can be found in the xampp\mysql\bin\my.conf file or it may look like a shortcut named my which you drag into an open text editor.

You will have to experiment with the settings to suit your own performance criteria as the default settings, as outlined in the file's comments, are for small systems with limited memory usage.

You may also find some useful configuration settings in the xampp\apache\bin\php.ini file under the [MySQL] or the [MySQLi] sections - for example experiment with the persistent links settings, for more details about MySQL settings consult the documentation on the MySQL web site.
And here:

Remember to always make a backup of original conf and ini files before editing so you can revert to a known good file if things go belly up.

Save the ini files then restart Apache and MySQL to have the edits recognised.
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