Can't access database.

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Can't access database.

Postby Lonehwolf » 10. March 2009 09:00

I have XAMPP.
Running Windows XP SP3.
Setup a website with XAMPP, and also using the MySQL
Setup the data folders from a backup to the mysql\data folder.

When using SQLyog / Heidi SQL / Navicat (tried all 3) I get the following:

I have gone to " http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php " already and set a password, and used that to try and excess the database. I also attempted to load the database using the external ip for host, but still no luck. The page can load, but it's hella slow.

Any info on this is majorly appreciated.
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Re: Can't access database.

Postby Izzy » 10. March 2009 09:11

What version of XAMPP now?

What version of XAMPP is the data folder copied from?

What is the database user and user password - are they the same as the one set in the security page for user root and root user password?

These database credentials can be found using http://localhost/phpmyadmin and selecting Privileges and looking at the database user's details.
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