question about xampplite installed on a flash drive

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question about xampplite installed on a flash drive

Postby tjrac » 01. March 2009 22:32

Hey Folks,

I'm new to Xampp and I have pretty limited admin experience.

I've installed PortableApps & Xampplite on a flash drive and I've set-up a Joomla site. I'm trying to install the Jomsocial component using the backend installer. At first I received a timeout error. I changed the php.ini file to allow scripts to run for 120 sec instead of 60. Now I'm getting a blank page and only some of the files get installed. Other components install okay. This component installed okay using both xampp & wampserver on the c: drive.

I'll post to the Joomla forums but I thought that I would throw this out in the hopes that someone is familiar with the aforementioned scenario. Any insight would be helpful.

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