Xampp installation ...?

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Xampp installation ...?

Postby libby » 01. March 2009 12:44

Hi :D ,

I am just a beginner to this and having ALOT of trouble installing Xampp esp getting mySql to work.
I have spent all day trying to figure out the following - I have got little things to work but I don't really know what I'm doing.
This is where it is at:

Apache & MySql running in Xampp control panel.

acording to apache admin - security: A firewall is blocking MySQl although it is ok in firewall - using port 3306

FTP server is block by firewall also.

you could go in view test table and its contents but not create new or add anything.
it has an error :
ERROR 1044 (42000): access denied for user ''@
'localhost' to database 'testing'

I am so confused about what to do or where to start?
I have read lots of things over the internet but there is no logical list of things to, I just don't understand (i thought it would be a much easier process)
Have i missed something or what ???

If possible could you please help.


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Re: Xampp installation ...?

Postby newbie2244 » 10. March 2009 01:02


A few questions.

Can you access status and security features on your installation?

Have you set a password on xampp and on phpMySQLAdmin?

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