can't access my php files

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can't access my php files

Postby moxy » 28. February 2009 01:12

i yea Im totally lost
OK setting up a web server for a flight sim program called SEOW
Put my php folder in abyss server no prob, in apache or xampp/ aphace, 404 not found
Im assuming I have to allow it in config?
Thats where Im lost.
the syntax stuff, is starting to make sence to me.
But I need that start point
My folder should be at localhost/xampp/apache/SEOW/ etc.
Do I need to config it, Im guessing yes,
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Re: can't access my php files

Postby Wiedmann » 28. February 2009 01:29

Put my php folder

What'S the exact filesystem location for this folder?
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