why does my wedsites load half way on xammp?

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why does my wedsites load half way on xammp?

Postby da1 » 26. February 2009 14:27

i installed xampp last week. i attached all domains to it via vhost. some domains, load fast but some, loads only 90% of it. sometimes, phpmyadmin will be text only with no styles, my forum will sometimes not display textboxes at the bottom..
i am running my old desktop just to test . its an xp pro, AMd, 1.2ghz. 256ram... 80gb hdd.

is it because my server is old and slow?? and cant process fast enough??
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Re: why does my wedsites load half way on xammp?

Postby MightX » 26. February 2009 22:19

got the same problem on my localhost....
sometimes it doesn't show CSS styles, some times some image disapear...

And my PC isn't old or slow... 8Gb ram, GTX280, Quad6600...
My O.S. is Vista Ultimate.

Any solution?

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Re: why does my wedsites load half way on xammp?

Postby Izzy » 26. February 2009 23:15

"Sometimes it does this and sometimes is does that" is not much to go on when troubleshooting as there are many factors at play here.

XAMPP, in the default state, will run pretty much the same on most OSs.

After some configuration tweaks by users, then that's when things can start to get a bit wobbly and not knowing the full story about what has been changed is almost impossible to give a solution.

If you are connected to the Internet and your server is being accessed from the Internet then even the Internet can come into the equation.

There has been the addition of this line Win32DisableAcceptEx at then end of your httpd.conf file that has been known to clear up some mystery symptoms.

Also when you get these "sometimes happenings" check your Apache log files and the Windows Event Viewer to see if there are any clues and look at what else you are doing on your PC that might be hogging resources and finally check your Task Manager Processes and see if there are any processes that are using huge amounts of CPU.
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