MySQL insert query won't insert, downloads a file instead

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MySQL insert query won't insert, downloads a file instead

Postby brainstorm » 25. February 2009 18:05


This is my first post, I have been able to solve my other problems by reading previous posts, until now. I have a simple html form on a web project, for inserting info into a mysql database with php. The connection works perfectly and the whole thing works on my website, with its database, it inserts fine. For some reason though in xampp it won't insert into the database. Instead it downloads the information in the browser as a php file, and it appears to be a copy of the php file used to create the insert, no matter which browser I use. I have no idea what is causing this. Also on my website ( which is set up to match in every way with xampp for easy transfer) the form works perfectly with no problems. I work offline sometimes testing new queries and such so I would appreciate any help you can provide.

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