I'm stuck......

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I'm stuck......

Postby jdog » 25. February 2009 10:20


I searched your basic faqs, and scoured the site, and I don't see my problem described, so I'm putting it up here... I hope
you can help me with this....

I am trying to develop an e-commerce site with the oscommerce platform. I was told to install apache, php,mysql.....
I did, and it doesn't do anything---- a friend told me to get rid of all of that, and check out xammp. So I did. I deleted
all the old stuff (I think) and installed xammp....

Now, I don't understand the whole "services" option, because I thought xammp came with mysql and php, and apache, so I don't
get that. But I chose all of these services, just to make sure I got the stuff I need (except for filezilla; I'm partial to
Winsock)--- anyway, the xammp control panel is installed. I like it! But at the moment, it serves no function......

Everything looked good, until I tried to continue with the my installation (setting up oscommerce) and I cannot access
localhost/phpmyadmin page----
- so I DELETED everything, because I had some old php files and stuff still on my machine, and I thought that might be
screwing me up.

so I reinstalled xammp, and oscommerce and now I cannot access the first, localhost/phpadmin page--- i get an
" MySQL said: Documentation #2003 - The server is not responding
Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.
object not found on the server" message....

So evidently mysql is there. But when I check the "status" section of the control panel, it says mysql database
is deactivated. Apache is up and running.

I'm sorry to bother you with this, but this "shortcut"is taking me as much time as the method I first tried. I'm sticking
with xammp though, since it is so highly recommended. I'm not a technician, and my home town is devoid of anyone who
knows anything about this, so I spend days and days trying to get answers off forums, and then it dawned on me that
perhaps apachefriends had a forum...... so here I am....

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind I'm new to this; just some of the stuff on here blows me
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Re: I'm stuck......

Postby Izzy » 25. February 2009 10:30

Just to make sure I understand your issues, you can go to the Welcome Page at http://localhost and all the demos work including the CD Collection, correct?

You can't access http://localhost/phpmyadmin only and this is where you get the error message you posted, correct?
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Re: I'm stuck......

Postby jdog » 25. February 2009 19:09

When I go to http://localhost, it goes to http://localhostxammp . The page is there, and looks good.

If I click on CD Collection, I get the following message:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) in C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\cds.php on line 77
Could not connect to database!
Is MySQL running or did you change the password?

I don't understand......
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Re: I'm stuck......

Postby jdog » 25. February 2009 23:07

I think I figured it out. It was quite simple. So simple the problem wasn't visible, until I retraced my steps.

When I removed my original apache, mysql and php installation, I did not remove the path that I had set up in my environmental variables. When I installed xammp, that path setting was evidentally screwing things up. I removed the additional path setting, and viola, everything's fine.


I am able to view the CD collection, and I can go to localhost/phpmyadmin ....... I think everything's ok, as my control panel says mysql and apache are both running..........
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Re: I'm stuck......

Postby jdog » 25. February 2009 23:08

I forgot to mention, to anyone facing this problem: after removing the path setting, I had to restart my machine to see any effect........
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