WinMySQLadmin -The Solution of LIBMYSQL.dll access violation

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WinMySQLadmin -The Solution of LIBMYSQL.dll access violation

Postby xnewbie » 21. February 2009 15:22

The Access Violation popups because the default passwords of MySQL in XAMPP and in WinMySQLadmin are different.

To stop the Access violation error message, you should go to the "my.ini Setup" tab, and change the password in the lines:





If you was changed login/password for MySQL aready, you should write your login/password instead of "root" / ""

Additionally, check "mysqld" instead of "mysqld-shareware" at the left.

Don't forget to click the "Save Modification" button.

The solution found by me here: ... =2701&page
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Re: WinMySQLadmin -The Solution of LIBMYSQL.dll access violation

Postby Izzy » 21. February 2009 16:08

There are many other posts in the forum that can lay claim to finding this dubious solution to a problem that can be avoided by not using WinMySQLAdmin in the first place or by deleting the 3 WinMySQLAdmin files in the xampp\mysql\bin folder.

WinMySQLAdmin should not be used at all, use phpMyAdmin or an alternative MySQL Administrator from the MySQL web site which is part of MySQL GUI Tools.


So as you can see there are quite a few posts found in a forum search here for winmysqladmin going back over 12 months that also have this password method.
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Re: WinMySQLadmin -The Solution of LIBMYSQL.dll access violation

Postby piratu_darkbeard » 13. March 2009 12:25

Thanks man, i had this problem for a week i think, but now is solved. :D.So if anyone get this error after experimenting with XAMPP, this is the answer for your problem.Thanks again man.Peace out! :wink:
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Re: WinMySQLadmin -The Solution of LIBMYSQL.dll access violation

Postby goutham » 27. March 2010 06:41

Yes Dude it solved my problem too, i have removed winmysqladmin from startup and restarted my system it helped me in solving the problem
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Re: WinMySQLadmin -The Solution of LIBMYSQL.dll access viola

Postby Mahesa M. Elba » 17. January 2013 10:48

To solve this problem is really easy. First, close all the error pop up window. An then you have to go to the traffic light picture-->show me-->stop extend server status. But you must do it quickly before the pop up message showing up again. And after that close the WinMySQLAdmin. Next time if you wanna use WinMySQLAdmin again, RUN IT AS ADMINISTRATOR. And the same problem will not happen again. Hope it's helpful.
Mahesa M. Elba
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