How to run jsp page in xampplite 1.7

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How to run jsp page in xampplite 1.7

Postby th1alb » 20. February 2009 07:22

Everything works fine with my installation of xampplite 1.7 except the jsp pages, it just shows the coding of the jsp page like a there any solution to this problem or any addon........plzzz help its very urgent....

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Re: How to run jsp page in xampplite 1.7

Postby Izzy » 20. February 2009 07:29

You could try the Tomcat addon from the XAMPP for Windows home page but I don't believe it will work on the lite version of XAMPP - this from the above home page and the FAQ page:

For the lite versions exist no upgrades or addons. XAMPP Lite is an only "Take-Run-Delete-Forget-it" package.

Note: These additional packages work only the XAMPP main package not with the “xampplite”

You may have to install the full XAMPP package to get the JSP engine in the Tomcat addon.
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