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Allow Desktop Interaction

Postby skyclimber » 19. February 2009 22:50

I am trying to use the imagegrabwindow() functcion from the gd library in PHP, but I'm told that I need to enable XAMPP to interact with the desktop before this function will work properly. From the control panel, I clicked the "Service..." button. I have the "run XAMPP Control Panel as a Service" checked, and the Apache module checked. It it set to run as a System Account, of course "Allow Desktop interaction" is checked. I restarted my Apache service, but the function is still giving me the same problem as before (creating a black image instead of capturing a screen shot of the window). Does anyone know what would cause this??
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Re: Allow Desktop Interaction

Postby Izzy » 20. February 2009 01:39

There is an example user directory configuration in the apache\conf\extra\httpd_userdir.conf file.

It is currently configured to use the"My Documents/My Website" directory but you could change that to use the Desktop perhaps - the quotes are required when a space is present in the directory name as in the example.

Do some research and experimenting with the example and remember to save the file and restart Apache after editing the file - also make a backup copy of the file so that you can revert to a known good file if you have issues restarting Apache.

I hope this will be of use for your needs.

Make sure that Apache (and MySQL if required) are actually running by going to http://localhost and testing all the demos (including the CD collection if using MySQL).
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