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XAMPP, TYPO3 and ImageMagick

PostPosted: 23. November 2003 04:26
by iLike2Riff
I've tried to translate the discussion on this topic in the nonenglish forum here but I can't work it out.

Would someone please either:
1. Search the German posts for "ImageMagic XAMPP" and translate
2. help me get ImageMagick to work in Typo3 under XAMPP
please ????

I've used the Typo3 installation with a precompiled AMP with ImageMagic but it is very slow compaired to XAMPP plus some of my other site like XOOPS, PostNuke and OSCommerce get admin errors in Typo3 AMP.


PostPosted: 23. November 2003 08:33
by Kristian Marcroft

I'm not sure, but some time ago I did the same thing your trying now.
To install ImageMagic, you have to dOwnload an Executable...
Install it to C:\XAMPP\ImageMagic for example, and then read the INSTALL File...
All you really have to do is Load a Module... restart Apache and thatr was it...
But Typo3 will also work without ImageMagic....
I've got it running without... cos I don't really need it.

So long

PostPosted: 23. November 2003 11:30
by iLike2Riff
Thanks KriS,

Can I just ask you about Typo3 please?

Briefly, do you like it? After only a week I can see it is vast, is it worth the learning curve?

ImageMagick: In what situation would one use it? Is it only for generating images on the fly? Do web designers use this sort of module?

Thanks for you time,