"JkWorkersFile file name invalid"

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"JkWorkersFile file name invalid"

Postby miki62 » 15. February 2009 18:19

Hello everybody!
I've restarted apache on my XAMPP and I got this message: Syntax error on line 6 of C:/xampp/apache/conf/extra/mod_jk.conf: JkWorkersFile file name invalid

The line is: JkWorkersFile "c:C:/xampp/tomcat/conf/workers.properties"

I'm not very experienced with xampp.

Any suggestions about what I might do?

Thanks in advance...

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Re: "JkWorkersFile file name invalid"

Postby Izzy » 16. February 2009 01:18

miki62 wrote:The line is: JkWorkersFile "c:C:/xampp/tomcat/conf/workers.properties"
You could edit the mod_jk.conf file by dragging it into your text editor and removing the small c: so that it looks like this:

Check the whole of the file and remove any more small c: in front of the large C: if they exist.

Save the file, then try and start Apache again.

The above may have occurred by running the setup_xampp.bat more than once after installing the Tomcat addon.

If you have more issues with the Tomcat addon it may mean the install was corrupt or not installed as per the readme-addon-tomcat.txt file - simply delete the mod_jk.conf file and the tomcat folder.

Then install the addon again which may fix the issues.
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Re: "JkWorkersFile file name invalid"

Postby miki62 » 16. February 2009 10:09

Thanks for the help.

I tried it all but I couldn't fix the problem, so I had to install xampp again.

Thank you anyway.

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