How can I activate .htaccess?

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How can I activate .htaccess?

Postby onetwo » 09. February 2009 04:40

Hi Friends,

I did not find a forum to investigate, but I'll ask:) .htaccess about doing some things, but apache does not give any response. .htaccess is that a point will activate?

If you appreciate help ...
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Re: How can I activate .htaccess?

Postby Izzy » 09. February 2009 04:43

.htaccess is activated by default in XAMPP's Apache.
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Re: How can I activate .htaccess?

Postby Nobbie » 09. February 2009 09:54

In case you do not use Xampps Apache (or created an Alias outside of DocumentRoot, or a different DocumentRoot for VirtualHosts etc.), you have to specify the "AllowOverride" directive to enable changes in .htaccess. This directive is part of the the <Directory ...> Block.


If you specify

Code: Select all
<Directory c:/srv/www/htdocs>
AllowOverride All

.htaccess in c:/srv/www/htdocs (or any subfolder) may override all directives of httpd.conf

See ... owoverride for detailed information.
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