Mercury Mail Server Setup

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Mercury Mail Server Setup

Postby Wises » 04. February 2009 03:02

Hi there,

After spending a few hours on the net looking for methods on installing The Mercury Mail Server
I have almost given up.

is there anyone in here that could write a WindowsXP+Xampp+Joomla+Mercury) Setup tutorial for the likes of myself and others that will be sure to follow?.

my problem at the moment is that I have setup a Joomla Website on my localhost and would like to have the Website send out confirmation emails etc.
if there is an easy way of doing so without the need of a mail daemon this would be welcomed also.

Thank You.

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Re: Mercury Mail Server Setup

Postby Izzy » 04. February 2009 03:09

You don't need Mercury Mail for that in XAMPP.

Search the forum for sendmail and/or mail and you will come across many results that will help your case.

Here's how:

If you do decide to use Mercury Mail, which I recommend not to use, then a search for mercury and a read of the docs in the xampp\MercuryMail folder will also help - there is also a forum for Mercury Mail on the author's web site.
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