Limit the size of the access log

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Limit the size of the access log

Postby DurkO » 31. January 2009 21:36

Is there a way to limit the size of the access log? My log had grown over 250 MB, so it took a while loading it in my reader :(
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Re: Limit the size of the access log

Postby Izzy » 31. January 2009 23:08

There is no built in way to do this.

You would need to write a script or a batch file to do it or simply stop Apache and open the access file in a text editor and delete the contents, save and restart Apache as often as required manually.

This link has a batch (.bat) file that may do the trick but I have not tested it and you will have to download the free 7zip archive software with a command line interface as outlined in the comprehensive instructions in the batch code.

Please let us know if you get the batch file working.
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