Must be something basic

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Must be something basic

Postby MarianneC » 30. January 2009 22:17

I downloaded XAMPP for Windows and unzipped it. Then I found the XAMPP Config Panel Application and opened that. Then I clicked on Start for Apache and MySQL. Both give me a message in the window that they started (and the respective ports they started in), but it does not change to "running" in the window like I've seen in a screen capture. And further, the "Start" button does not change to "Stop" like I've seen in the screen capture...making me wonder if it is really running.

Hoping that it is running, I went to try to open php MyAdmin -- what am I even supposed to select to get that application open?

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Re: Must be something basic

Postby Wiedmann » 30. January 2009 22:44

Then I found the XAMPP Config Panel Application and opened that

You have also found the readme_en.txt and setup_xampp.bat"
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