use the local host of other computer

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use the local host of other computer

Postby leocarpe » 27. January 2009 13:17

how to use the local host that is on another computer on the network? Thus it would be possible to work with two computers simultaneously. If you update the page on a computer it will automatically update the other.
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Re: use the local host of other computer

Postby glitzi85 » 27. January 2009 15:08

I'm not sure that i fully understand what you want, but if you share the htdocs folder of XAMPP then it would be possible to open the files from another computer and work with them.

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Re: use the local host of other computer

Postby dmphotography » 27. January 2009 22:59

Yeah, what you're asking is kinda vague. If you're wanting to reach your webpages on one machine from another machine, then use the LAN IP address. Look up in your router's configuration what the local IP is for your host machine, such as or whatever it is. Make sure port 80 is open in your firewall settings and you should be able to connect to your website via your local network by using the IP.

If you're wanting to use fake names set in your host file, it is much more complicated and you must use a DNS server to resolve the names on your LAN.
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