Trojan detected

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Trojan detected

Postby sizuki » 25. January 2009 12:56

When i installing xampp 1.7.0, nod 32 detect trojan virus
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Re: Trojan detected

Postby Izzy » 25. January 2009 13:02

More than likely a false positive but you did not post any message form nod.

Which file did you scan?

Try this online scanner that uses most of the best anti-virus apps all at once.

I don't know of any other reports.

I have tested all XAMPP files many many times over the years and not one has ever returned a positive detection.
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Re: Trojan detected

Postby dmphotography » 26. January 2009 03:35

I second you Izzy,
I have ran XAMPP on multiple machines for testing and have had Kaspersky, ESSEX, and Comodo Anti-virus programs on the various machines and not once has any of them detected anything in XAMPP. I think the question is where did you download XAMPP from? If it was anywhere other than then that could be your problem.
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