New user saying "Thank you XAMPP!"

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New user saying "Thank you XAMPP!"

Postby crismahn » 23. January 2009 09:55

Well, I just installed XAMPP for Windows and I am a happy guy!

After spending countless hours trying to get a WAMP installation up and running on my computer I had become stuck trying to get Apache (?) to serve up documents from my local folder to my Browser. Just wasn't happening. I had installed all latest versions of PHP, MySQLand Apache and had been using a couple of books- The Idiots Guide and one other- but no matter which tweaks I made to various ini and cfg files I was stymied.

Googling on the problem was only marginally helpful- until I came across Apache Friends and XAMPP. I uninstalled all of my previous WAMP components, downloaded XAMPP for Windows, installed it and now I am up and running. Great!!

I guess my next step is to install the Patch?

Then assign a password?

Anyway, I am glad I found this website and this community.
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Re: New user saying "Thank you XAMPP!"

Postby Izzy » 23. January 2009 10:02

Hello Chris.
Welcome to the forums and the wonderful world of XAMPP and thanks for the comments, they will be much appreciated by the developers Kai Oswald Seidler, Kay Vogelgesang and Carsten Wiedmann who have done all the hard yards putting it all together.

I am sure you will find the forum search an invaluable tool and if you get stuck then your posts will be attended to with our usual quick turn around and thoroughness.

Good luck and please enjoy XAMPP. :)
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