Help with PhpMyAdmin

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Help with PhpMyAdmin

Postby Drobb » 18. November 2003 15:37

I just downloaded and installed the latest xampp and i got everything installed and running fine (so it seems). i can browser to fine no problem, got apache installed as a service, same for mysql, but the problem i need help with is how to access phpmyadmin. when i try and open any of the files in the phpmyadmin dir with my browser it asks fi i want to download it, istead of opening it. how do i solve this? btw im running xp pro if thats of any help. thanks

Postby Drobb » 19. November 2003 19:31

never mind, i solved it myself


Postby MAGnUm » 19. November 2003 21:38

thats why i always move phpmyadmin into the web root rather than mapping to it.
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