Installing mod_bandwidth, mod_bandwidthshare, mod_throttle

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Installing mod_bandwidth, mod_bandwidthshare, mod_throttle

Postby estado3 » 18. January 2009 13:31

... or any equivalent, especially something that can reduce the bandwidth at certain times of the day for Apache 2.2.8, all attempts with the above has not worked, does anyone have one that works with Apache 2.2.8 (with installation instructions that worked), or knows of a similar module that will work for Apache 2.2.8
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Re: Installing mod_bandwidth, mod_bandwidthshare, mod_throttle

Postby Izzy » 19. January 2009 04:19

I have included below a text file from my KB that I saved back in 2007 which may contain some relevance for you.

The post about bandwidth control in smart_sdr post below jogged my memory about your bandwidth limiter post:

I remembered I posted about this subject way back here:

Maybe ZPanel would use this apache module but would include a front end (GUI) for easy of configuring it. Thats really all these control panels do, make configuring Apache just that little bit easier and therefore more convenient for the end user.

mod_bw Documentation:

Bandwidth Limiter For Apache:

Some example configs and more info here: ... 14782.html

Visit this thread
as the OP smart_sdr is working on this very subject and it might be a good discussion for you to join or follow.
One of XAMPP's developers and forum moderators, Carsten Wiedmann, has/is contributing.
It might be he uses his vast experience to post replies as it seems its is a third party module, which may not have official Apache approval or documentation for him to call on etc blah blah.
I can't seem to find much about it on the Apache web sites.

The implementation of this in a commercial hosting environment has been around for some time but was also a headache at times trying to locate one of its many side effects in other scripts and modules on the server.
Some of the major hosting control panels, like CPanel, had many issues with this module and was always a busy topic on their support forums.
So I can't envisage that it will be much different on the Windows platform

I think, as a gesture of goodwill, you might like to research this subject now and when you have grasped it, you mind like to reply to your above post with what you discovered, that it might help others who search the forums for info about this issue.

Not sure if it will help but there is plenty of reading and links to investigate.

A forum search may reveal more up to date info perhaps.
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