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php not working

PostPosted: 16. January 2009 17:42
by yama

I recently installed Apache so I could setup a php website to test scripts. I had php working but could not enable Curl, so today, I installed XAMPP, php did not enable. I have no idea what's going on but I installed XAMPP to a different drive and it still doesn't work. I've done a bit of searching and couldn't find any help, I don't know what to do as I have little experience with this sort of stuff. Any hel is appriciated.

Re: php not working

PostPosted: 16. January 2009 18:45
by glitzi85
Log in to your Computer as Administrator, then do

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System

On Tab "Advanced" click the button "Environment Variables" and look in the lower list for the Variable Path, mark it and choose Edit. Now look in the Textbox for an PHP-Path, delete this path (make sure not to delete anything else) and close all windows with OK. Then reboot your Computer and try to start Apache from XAMPP again.