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Permissions help

Postby Munkey » 07. January 2009 23:25

I have xampp running just OK on win server 2k3 after failing to make it work on linux.
I cant work out how to set permissions for a directory in windows. Linux it is simply chmod *file* *number* But with windows under the security tab I do not see any useful permissions. Only for users, and I don't think adding every user that accesses my site so they have the permissions is the right way.So how is it possible to make my folder have certain permissions under windows?

Also, anyone had the problem where after logging on the languages changes to German? It then takes some careful pressing of the back button and navigating my way back somewhere for it to become English again, strange.

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Re: Permissions help

Postby dmphotography » 07. January 2009 23:33

You shouldn't have to set the permissions in Windows like you did in Linux. Windows isn't near as "locked-down" as Linux is. That's what's made learning how to use Linux such a headache for me, because you have permissions and ownership there.

But in Windows, you don't have to worry about that. If you do run into any problems, just go to the folder/file, right-click and go to properties, and then make sure "Read-Only" isn't selected. That's the permissions thing in Windows. haha. You probably won't have any problems with that aspect of it though. If you run into an Error 500 or Error 403, that's a problem with the permissions in Apache and just do a forum search for how to resolve those, because it can be a number of things.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Permissions help

Postby Munkey » 08. January 2009 09:19

Thats strange, because this online ftp client has the option to chmod files. Or would that only be the case if I was running linux server side?

Well im having trouble executing a .pl script in the cgi-bin directory, just getting the 500 server error, any ideas why?

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Re: Permissions help

Postby Sharley » 08. January 2009 09:29

Yes chmod is only for *nix, please ignore.

Server 500 errors will be explained in full in the xampp\apache\logs\error.log file.
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