MySql terminates after 5-6 seconds

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MySql terminates after 5-6 seconds

Postby jawdoc » 03. January 2009 21:32

I just installed XAMPP on a Windows 2000 server sp4.
Apache service starts fine.
MySql with start then stop itself after a few seconds.
In the control panel it will indicate MySql started but then stops spontaneously.
Nothing in the event viewer except "The MySql service terminated unexpectedly"
Event ID: 7031
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: MySql terminates after 5-6 seconds

Postby Sharley » 03. January 2009 23:59

Try this:
Close the XAMPP Control Panel (XCP).

Double click on the mysql_uninstallservice.bat file in xampp\mysql folder - *See below

Then try and tick the MySQL Svc box again in the XCP then click OK then click on Start.

If that still fails then do the following.

Go to start>Run... and type sc delete mysql click OK (sc is the Windows Service Controller).

Next go to your XCP and tick the MySQL Svc box then OK then Start.

*Just to add, after running the mysql_uninstallservice.bat in the procedure above you could try and start MySQL using the mysql_start.bat file from the xampp folder to see if an error message, why or if it won't start, is presented.

If it starts without issue then stop it by closing the console window or by using the mysql_stop.bat file in the xampp folder then proceed with the instructions above to set the service again if your preference is using the XCP, or simply run the mysql_installservice.bat file in the xampp\mysql folder - sets the service just like the tick in the Svc box in the XCP and if you open the XCP after running the bat file successfully then the tick will already be in the Svc box and all you need do then is press the MySQL Start button.

Good luck.
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