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how can i use my pc to host my web pages?

PostPosted: 28. December 2008 10:43
by ayanonly1
can any one help me to use my pc to host pages for my website ?
i don't know well about net working. so what i have:-
1>complete web pages which is working in my own computer(using xamp)
2>a brodband connection(2mbps)
3>i will register for my domain name vary soon
(actually i don't need to much speed for my website.i only want to acess my website remotely with very few users)
now my question is can i host my web pages in my own pc by using xampp?
thanking you

Re: how can i use my pc to host my web pages?

PostPosted: 28. December 2008 11:02
by Sharley
Yes you can host your web site on your PC using XAMPP but be aware that XAMPP is only recommended for local development use - read about the possible security issues and do make sure your ISP does not block port 80 or prevent you having a web server.

Do a forum search for vhost or virtualhost in the XAMPP For Windows forum and be prepared to do some research, reading and experimentation.

The configuration file you will most likely use is situated here:

Read the Apache Friends web site including the FAQ also the readme_en.txt file in the .\xampp folder.

Use Windows explorer and browse the .\xampp folder tree and get to know what .ini and .conf files are where, even open them in a text editor and read the well commented configurations - but don't attempt to change anything until you know what you are doing and even then only when you have made a backup copy.

All these things will help you form an understanding of XAMPP and what it can do for you.

This forum will help once you have got a handle on things and have mad some attempts to learn about web servers and how they operate.

Good luck.

Re: how can i use my pc to host my web pages?

PostPosted: 29. December 2008 16:18
by marksu
Yes Xampp is intended for development use only cause of open security settings.
If you still want to use it and also minimun expenses then I recommend to use dyndns servce.
Using their services you can use dynamic IP on your server, so static IP not necessary.

The basic service if free, yes free, free, free.
You will get a own free sub domain name like or what ever sub domain name you want.
They offer many different main domain names like the

If you want totally own main domain name like for example you can still install that by paying $27.50 a year. Not sure if that includes domain name registration, propaply. Well to register a domain and yearly fees are cheap nowdays.

I have used their free service and worked wery well.
Now I use a other service similar dyndns payed version.