problem with phpMyAdmin

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problem with phpMyAdmin

Postby venkatarathnam » 27. December 2008 07:34

Dear Sir,
I am new to XAMPP server. I installed the sever in my PC when I clicked on phpMyadmin kink then it shoed me an error like this "phpMyAdmin - Error Cannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration. - Documentation". Where is the mistake please let me know solution as early as possible.

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Re: problem with phpMyAdmin

Postby Sharley » 27. December 2008 09:39

venkatarathnam wrote:...please let me know solution as early as possible
As those responding to support requests in these forums are all volunteers then you will always have to wait until one of those who respond have the time to do so - the quickest way if you are in a hurry is to search the forums first before posting a request for help.

Click on this link as I found many results using these keywords Cannot load mysql extension in forum XAMPP For Windows.

This is one such resulting post that may help:

When you have phpinfo() open in your browser look for line:
Loaded Configuration File

In XAMPP it should be C:\xampp\apache\bin\php.ini <--your path to xampp may be different.

You may have a php.ini file in the C:\Windows folder in which case you need to rename it or delete it as it will be in conflict with the one that XAMPP uses.
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