No Status Link and XAMPP <?include('.version');?>

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No Status Link and XAMPP <?include('.version');?>

Postby wolfderby » 19. December 2008 20:12

XAMPP <?include('.version');?> is appearing in the page title and the status link isn't there.

My best guess is that either my php or mysql is not working correctly. The status link is also not appearing. The phpinfo() link is working so I'd assume the php is working then. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, I've even tried installing 1.6.6 (instead of the current 1.6.8)
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Re: No Status Link and XAMPP <?include('.version');?>

Postby Sharley » 19. December 2008 22:56

This thread was about a similar issue:

This post in the above thread has a possible fix:

(If the forum search facility was not broken it would have been easy to have located these posts. :( It has been broken since the forum upgrade to v3 (Forum Administrator - 31,159 UN-SEARCHABLE TOPICS and 129,436 UN-SEARCHABLE POSTS - the phpBB forum has a possible fix or 2 plus, unlike here, their search facility works! :roll: )).
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