How to use Control Panel to specify apache config

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How to use Control Panel to specify apache config

Postby ritty » 16. December 2008 19:22


I have php 5.2.6 and php 5.3.0alpha-rc3 on my Windows Vista based system.

The default configuration is to use 5.2.6, as specified in conf/httpd. I have another configuration file to set up the environment for 5.3.0alpha. I can easily use the 5.3.0alpha environment by modifying apache_start.bat

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apache\bin\apache.exe -f c:\xampp\apache\conf-php5.3.0alpha3\httpd.conf

However, starting Apache from the control panel seems to not use apache_start.bat, so it still loads the original configuration file and thus php 5.2.6. Is there any way to change the startup settings for Apache when using the control panel?
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Re: How to use Control Panel to specify apache config

Postby Sharley » 16. December 2008 23:00

Not sure if this will help.

I just checked the web site that used to have a source code file listed but that appears to have been moved to the pay support facility.

Anyhow, you can use an xampp.ini file in the xampp root folder - an example copy is pasted below.
Experiment with the settings as I believe they can be many and varied, but not tested by me.
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hide   = 1
apache = 1
mysql  = 1

apache = 1
mysql  = 1

apache = 80
mysql  = 3306

setup  = 1

No docs or anything like that in the 2.5 source file archive which was named which is slightly different than the Control Panel archive which had an CP in the title - perhaps an Internet File search may come up with it or PM me and I will upload the 2.5 source code file to RapidShare - the source code will allow you to do what you want with the XCP. ;)

BTW the link on their web site for email support is only USD$5 which may get you the latest source code file.
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