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Postby asawyer13 » 15. December 2008 16:01

Is there anyway to get Sphinx compiled into XAMPP for Windows, so I can test to see if it would work for me?

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Re: Sphinx

Postby asawyer13 » 03. January 2009 03:01

No one has done this?? I really need a fast full text search engine and my belief is that Sphinx would be perfect.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.

Ideally, I would use Mysql 5.1.30 which is in XAMPP 1.7.0 I believe, but I'm open to whatever works.

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Re: Sphinx

Postby Sharley » 03. January 2009 03:45

asawyer13 wrote:No one has done this??
Obviously not.

asawyer13 wrote:Any help or direction would be appreciated.
Great place to start:

Install XAMPP, or if you don't need all the XAMPP components only MySQL, which would seem the case, then download and install MySQL and phpMyAdmin separately from the MySQL web site.

On Windows you don't need to compile anything just download the pre-compiled binaries in a zip file from Sphinx and from MySQL.

This is an XAMPP forum so if you have any issues with XAMPP please feel free to post them here.

Issues with Sphinx should be directed to their forum.
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