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help me with apache

PostPosted: 15. December 2008 04:32
by sen4ik
hi my name is artur
i have one question about apache server! i have router for two computers at my home! so the firewall on my router block user who want to visit my web site! how can i solve this problem?

Re: help me with apache

PostPosted: 15. December 2008 12:58
by glitzi85
Create an Account at and sign up for the free DynamicDNS-Service. Then either put in the login data into your Router (look in you Manual if your router offers DynDNS-Updates) or download the update program from DynDNS and install it onto your computer. Then change the IP Adress of your Computer to a fixed one and set up a Portforward of Port 80 in your Router to this IP.

If you need more help, please post what Router you have and execute make this:

Start -> Run -> cmd.exe

then post the output of this command:

Code: Select all
ipconfig /all