XAMP and Vista

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XAMP and Vista

Postby MichelPinard » 14. December 2008 22:02


I'm new to XAMP. Yesterday, I installed XAMP Lite on my computer, running Vista. It kinda worked, with a few settlings to change. Instead of fixing it, I opted for the full XAMP. The control center starts, but whenever I try to start appache, Windows crashes and resarts the computer.

Any idea ?


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Re: XAMP and Vista

Postby Sharley » 15. December 2008 01:59

Hello Michel, first make sure you installed XAMPP to a folder with no spaces in the name.
For example C:\xampp not C:\Program Files\xampp

Inside the XAMPP Control Panel un-tick the Svc boxes. Stop all running components.
(you don't really need the components to run as a service just yet and having them stopped, or the services uninstalled is the term, helps with troubleshooting as we can then start the individual components manually).

Check all components are stopped by using the Task Manager - right click on the Task Bar and select Task Manager>Processes tab and then look for any apache and mysqld files, highlight one at a time then select End Process if you find any instances, then Yes when asked.

Go to your XAMPP install directory and double click on apache_start.bat file - in Vista you may have to right click on the file and select Run as administrator.

This may produce an error message with more clues about why Apache won't start.

You could also check the system event log under start>Administrative tools>Event Viewer>check the Application and System events ( XP path but Vista may be in a similar location).
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