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xampp + otrs?

PostPosted: 12. December 2008 10:27
by evow04
Hi did anyone try to get otrs working in xampp?
iv tried many things to get it run, but i cant get it working,
does anyone have tried this or has info?
i would be happy to know :-)

Re: xampp + otrs?

PostPosted: 12. December 2008 10:28
by evow04

Re: xampp + otrs?

PostPosted: 12. December 2008 11:05
by Sharley
What have you tried already to get OTRS installed and working in an XAMPP environment?

What OTRS method of installation did you download?

I see this in the installation documentation, did you?
The Win32 installer for OTRS contains all needed components for the trouble ticket system. That means, that also the apache2 web server, the MySQL database server, Perl with all needed modules and cron for Windows will be installed. For that reason you should only install OTRS on Windows systems that don't already have apache2 or another web server and MySQL installed.

What that means is you don't need XAMPP as the installer contains all you need to install OTRS.

The documentation on the OTRS site is very comprehensive.

Re: xampp + otrs?

PostPosted: 12. December 2008 12:23
by evow04
Hi Sharley ,
thanks for your reply.

You are correct on the apache part inside OTRS, my problem is that i need a test setup here on my workfloor,
but we are not allowed to install with admin rights due the network policy.
So before we can furfill a request to install it with admin rights we need a full test setup with conclussions.
I can install it correctly on my own notebook, but then i have no network acces so i cant connect to the correct mailserver and cant perform tests.

Thats why xampp comes in. i can unzip xampp and run xampp without the need of installed services like you know.
When installing otrs the services do not start.
so i tried to install xampp, overwrite with otrs files and used start_xampp , browsing to localhost => it fails
it fails also in the other direction.
i tried to config the files manualy like mentioned her : ... 32-en.html
it fails to
Tried to adept the config files, it failed to...

maybe i dont have enough knowledge to solve this so thats why i asked help :-)


Re: xampp + otrs?

PostPosted: 12. December 2008 13:24
by Sharley
evow04 wrote:so i tried to install xampp, overwrite with otrs files and used start_xampp , browsing to localhost => it fails
it fails also in the other direction.
If I understand you correctly you are using the Windows Installer version of OTRS and trying to overwrite the XAMPP files with the OTRS files.

This will never work!!!

evow04 wrote:I can install it correctly on my own notebook
..but not if XAMPP is also installed on the notebook, correct?

I found this doing a Google for otrs xampp:
Step-by-Step: The Manual Installation
It looks like this old version was built using XAMPP so the link may hold some installation clues for the newer versions.
You need to have XAMPP installed and working by being able to go to http://localhost and have the XAMPP Welcome Page served and all the demos in the left hand menu working.

You will also have to download and install the XAMPP Perl Addon 5.10.0-2.2.9 from SourceForge

Then you will need to download the perl packages OTRS::ITSM - read Download OTRS::ITSM 1.2 on the download page.

Then and only then can you add OTRS but not using the Windows Installer version but by downloading the zip source file and unpacking to a folder in the htdocs of XAMPP - then following the documentation with regard to configuring Apache, MySQL (database) and lots more. You need to read the documentation in detail to get a handle on what you have to do, it's all there if you take the time to read it.

Read and use the Mailing lists where the community can help you better.

I really don't think that it is as simple as you might think to install, after reading the documentation and the info on the download page it is quite a complex script to install if you are not using the Installer but trying to have it work with an XAMPP type component system - you also need to understand how the XAMPP components are interlinked.

I hope this helps you to look into how you approach the installation using XAMPP and UTRS - there is not much else I can suggest...
...but I am going to download the zip file and have a go at installing it, when I have some spare time.

Re: xampp + otrs?

PostPosted: 13. December 2008 15:24
by evow04
Hello Sharley,
first of all, thanks for your reply on to this topic!

Overwriting did not work indeed, it was a stupid guess that i took to get it working ;-)
On my notebook i can get it working using the installer, manually i did not work either indeed:-)

anyway you have placed me on the right track to get started like it should, thank you very much!
I´m going to follow your advice, if anything shows up i cant handle, i´ll posted backhere cause i subscribed on the otrs thingy but nobody reply´s...

Can i ask one stupid question?
does the perl add on 4 xampp works the same as perl stand alone? cause i will need to install some surplus files...