[Helpp!!] Xampp Not running on windows VISTA

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[Helpp!!] Xampp Not running on windows VISTA

Postby devinbritzone » 12. December 2008 08:49

Hello Everyone :D

i..install XAMPP in windows vista.....
*Windows UAC already turn off*
*windows firewall has been disabled*

But there is a problem:
-during installation, the wizard asked me if I would like to install Apache and MySQL as services. I choosed both. The rest of the installation went ok, but when it started the xampp console error message appeared:
"Ports 80 or 443 (SSL) already in use! Installing Apache2-2 service failed!"
"Port 3306 already in use! Installing MySQL service failed!"

and i try to change port in xampp in directory c:\xampp\apache\conf ...in this file include name contents Listen 80 and ServerName localhost:80 and i exchange this configuration with listen 8888 dan ServerName localhost:8888,oks i try restart xampp .....
i start the browser and running http://localhost:8888 but the browser not respond and just appear white page in my browser...

please give me the solution to my xampp it works in my notebook.................??????????
thanks for your help!!!
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Re: [Helpp!!] Xampp Not running on windows VISTA

Postby glitzi85 » 12. December 2008 13:17

Open xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf and set this two values:

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Listen 8888
ServerName localhost

Then open the file xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-ssl.conf and change this

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Listen 443

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Listen 9443

Please start Apache with the start_apache.bat in the xampp directory for testing. If an error occours, then it will be displayed in the Window. In the Control Panel you will not see detailed error messages.

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