directions for using xampp with Raven Nuke

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directions for using xampp with Raven Nuke

Postby tech idiot » 10. December 2008 16:03

I have a packaged php website that I would like to be able to test and tweak locally. The site suggests using xampp to work on testing the changes I want to make.

I can't even get the pre-packaged site to open beyond the you screwed up page even though I thought I had xampp configured correctly.

I am assuming that I am either loading the site in the wrong folder or something in setting up the data base. Does anyone have experience loading a ravenuke php package into xampp on windows for testing that could help with an English step by step install Ravennuke on xammp for idiots. Like for starters where do I put the unzipped raven nuke files.

I did this once before and was able to to make older versions of ravenuke and xampp work on my own but I have forgotten what I did and am to that point where total embarrassment is more desirably than continuing screwing it up. I know someone is probably going to tell me that its a real simple thing I just screwed up but at the moment I don't care as long as someone points it out to me.
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