probleme offline/ online vista

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probleme offline/ online vista

Postby stegia » 07. December 2008 11:17

Hello I am a newcomer and would like to know how you made to pass the site of a remote local) I'm in Vista Ultimate xampp is installed locally. I went Log httpd.conf change the serverName with non my site but it does not work.

thank you
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Re: probleme offline/ online vista

Postby Sharley » 08. December 2008 01:33

At the moment I see IIS (Windows Web Server) is running on your computer and unless this is disabled in your Windows Control Panel or you change the ports in Apache then XAMPP will not be able to start Apache or MySQL as they need to have those ports 80 - 443 and 3306 exclusively to be able to run.
See .\xampp\xampp-portcheck.exe (right click and select to run as administrator) and all ports should be free to be able to run XAMPP without issue.

Or you could just use IIS for your web site as it looks like it is already running minus a web site to serve.

If you want to use XAMPP then you need to revert your httpd.conf file back to the default and then use the .\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf file instead.

Unfortunately the forum Search facility appears to be broken at this time or a search for vhost would give you some very useful and helpful posts.

This Google search in French may give you some clues.
Same Google search in English

See these threads for some possible help:

Or this thread regarding a home network virtual host:

And for authoritative help in your language go to:

And the full documentation here:

Good luck - bonne chance
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Re: probleme offline/ online vista

Postby stegia » 08. December 2008 10:29

hello Thank you for your response.

my redirect hiersoir I tuned router on another pc which contains xampp, it works now I just cahnger servername in httpd.con.

is that as this configuration enough?

and the security is there anything else matter?
(I put everything under xampp green security)

thank you for your invaluable help ... :P
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