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cannot open localhost after installing joomla on xampp

PostPosted: 01. December 2008 09:52
by lena11d
I installed xampp and then put joomla on it, firts it worked, but the next day when I tried to access it , it could not find the local host.

I watched instructional videos from joomla and it shows that while installing xampp in "SERVICE SECTION" Install apache service and Install Mysql service checkboxes should not be checked, but the manuals show different. Does it have smth to do with that?

Can smbd help me please!

PostPosted: 01. December 2008 13:59
by glitzi85
No, that should not have anything to do with the services. It just decides when Apache and MySQL started up (as a service they are started during boot, indipendent from user logged in or not).

When you try to reach localhost, are Apache and MySQL started up succesfully or do you get any error messages?


PostPosted: 01. December 2008 19:45
by lena11d
Well, I did not have any problems the first day, but after that when I tried to start xampp, MySql started to run without any troubles, but I could not start Apache, so I tried everything including SVN button- it did not work. But after I switched off SVN ,Apache started to work, but still not the localhost.

Little bit different question: after I installed xampp I am having problems shutting down the laptop.Is there anything I should know?

Thank you for your time!

PostPosted: 01. December 2008 20:41
by lena11d
never mind svn, I just uninstalled apache and installing it back. will see how it works this time.