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Perl addon, issues

PostPosted: 30. November 2008 18:40
by illegal3alien
I tried to install the perl addon for XAMPP, but forgot to stop apache first. It didn't install right. I then opened the Perl addon installer and manually copied the folders to there correct destination. When I try to start apache, I get this error:

apache/modules/ Could not be found

Even though I checked, and it exists, how can I fix this, or reinstall perl?

PostPosted: 30. November 2008 23:56
by Sharley
Simply install again overwriting all files when/if asked then run the setup-xampp.bat file twice as per the addon readme file.

Also this thread may have some implications about your issues, even though the original poster's issue was unrelated, the post has some very interesting research and outcomes and is well worth a read in full: