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Passwords for root (localhost and

PostPosted: 28. November 2008 15:24
by Lk@zz

I have XAMPP 1.6.8. After installation, in MySQL database I have two root users (for host: localhost and I set password for MySQL by
http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php After this, user root for localhost has password, but user root for still hasn't got password (I try change it by:, but it doesn't work). I'd like to ask: why one user root has password and second root doesn't have? Does XAMPP use only localhost and doesn't use (so why there is host for

Thanks awfully for help.

PostPosted: 30. November 2008 05:40
by Sharley
localhost is the same as - the local loop back address, only accessible on your own PC not from anywhere else.

So the same super user root and it's password you set in the security pages is used for both.

So if you go to:
You are asked for
Username root
Password rootpassword

If you go to
You are asked for
Username root
Password rootpassword

In my XAMPP installation I do have a host with root and No password but I just followed what I typed above and could not access phpMyAdmin from without I use the root user and it's password - so even though the MySQL database and the phpMyAdmin Privileges both say No password under host for root user, you simply can't access with without using root with a rootpassword if you have set one for localhost (same as in the security pages.