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PostPosted: 12. November 2003 15:36
by squallflight
Hi I'm running Apache, Mysql and Filezilla as services on a win 2000 service pack 4 machine. The machine is on a network with NT clients. The machine with XAMPP on is not the network's server.

I am currently experiencing difficulties as everytime a user logs in to the client machines a winmysqladmin loads up from XAMPP machine onto the clients.

If i stop access from the network to the drive XAMPP is on I get a cannot access shortcut error, but I cannot access the htdocs.

How can I stop this from happening? How can I stop XAMPP from sending out winmysqladin to the network.

Please help

PostPosted: 12. November 2003 15:37
by Guest
btw, XP machine don't get this shortcut error


PostPosted: 12. November 2003 19:50
by MAGnUm
this is going to sound odd but i take it you have roaming profiles/ or mandatory profiles in place on the network. to resolve this make sure that the winmysqladmin shortcut is not in the startup folder of all users and this may resolve it. if anything i should have given you enough of an idea of whats wrong. its a profile problem. what happens w/ profiles of the mandatory or roaming varity is they are stored centrally and distributed across the network and when you put the shortcut in the startup folder it propegated to all of them.

PostPosted: 13. November 2003 11:35
by squallflight
It makes sence and thanks, I'll get that done asap, and let you know if it worked

sry i forgot to log in

PostPosted: 13. November 2003 18:48
by MAGnUm
u r welcome.